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Around the World Remedies for PMS

July 22, 2015

PMS is a very debilitating disease for females.  Here a few remedies that are practiced around the world that may help.  As always, consult with your primary doctor before considering any of these:

  • From Japan: SHIATSU. Shiatsu is an acupressure massage aimed to get the invisible lines on the body working. Shiatsu is recommended for cramps. Women who have received acupressure for cramps reported a 72 percent decrease in symptoms.

Try This: Firmly squeeze the fleshy webbing between your index finger and thumb for a few minutes, once or twice a day.

  • From India: YOGA. The postures in yoga help boost a weak pelvic floor. Yoga is recommended for a leaky bladder.
  • From China: ACUPUNCTURE. Acupuncture is recommended for hot flashes. Acupuncture can relive many conditions including menopause-reduced hot flashes. A study has concluded that women treated with acupuncture twice a week for 10 weeks had less hot flashes.

Try This: Avoid spicy foods, this can increase symptoms.

  • From France: AROMATHERAPY. Aromatherapy is inhaling oils. It’s recommended for PMS mood swings. It affects the central nervous system and the endocrine system. Smelling scents such as lavender or vanilla can boost your mood and significantly help mental performance.

Try This: Combine 6 to 8 drops each of geranium, lavender, and sweet orange oils in a diffuser. Sniff your way to a completely different calm person.

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