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Resistant Starches

February 4, 2016

  • Resistance starch is found in potatoes, legumes, cashews, raw oats, and green bananas
  • Resistant starch has beneficial properties

                 -When bacteria feed on it, several byproducts are formed, most notably butyrate, a short chain fatty acid believed to protect against colon cancer

  • Resistance starch is effective in increasing insulin sensitivity
  • Other benefits

                     - Better absorption of minerals
                      -Calcium & magnesium
                      -Enhanced production of biotin, folic acid, and vitamin K in the gut
                      -Reduced toxin and carcinogen intestinal absorption
                      -Lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels
                     -Increased satiety feelings
                     -Weight loss
                     -Reduced caloric consumption


Grains, seeds, buts, beans, lentils

           -Starch bound to cell walls of plant
                         -Resists digestion

Green bananas, raw potatoes, plantains

             -Don’t cook
                          -Removes benefits

 Type 3

             -Type 1 or Type 2 foods are cooked and cooled
                           -Cooling process converts them back into resistant starches

Type 4

               -Commercially manufactured resistant starches


  • Eat cold beans
  • Avoid ripe bananas
  • Add raw potato starch to smoothies
  • Chill potatoes
  • Sushi


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