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Straight From The Heart

October 20, 2016

Emily A. Kane, ND

Did you know 422,000 women are dying each year due to heart disease? That’s six times more than breast cancer. Or did you know women are more likely to die from a first heart attack than men?
The impact that alcohol consumption has on your body is worse for women. This is due to the fact of the lower water to fat ratio which helps dilute alcohol. Men have a higher ratio than women. In addition to that, women tend to develop heart disease 10-15 years later than men. This can be contributed to the protective effect of estrogen.
Muscle spasms and the loss of magnesium over years of menstrual bleeding can possibly correlate to the cause of heart attacks.
The following are other some symptoms you should get checked out by a doctor if they occur:
• Unexplained fatigue or weakness
• Sleep disturbances
• Shortness of breath
• Swelling or ankles or feet
• Clammy sweats
• Heart flutters
• Stomach or abdominal pain
• Dizziness or nausea
• Right side arm or shoulder pain, with tingling and numbness
• Fainting
• Belching or hiccups
• Neck pain
• Headaches


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